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Lab equipment



Small-scale melt
blending equipment
Capable of melting, blending and molding various hot melt adhesive raw materials, etc.
Melting and
coating equipment

A variety of premelters and applicators for coating equipment are available.

There is also special equipment available, such as a foam melter, a bulk melter, a closed tank for specific use for PUR and a spray gun.
Coating equipment

Various roll coaters are available, including ones of the narrow width and wide width types.

There are also special coaters, such as a die coater.
Related equipment
and accessories
Multiple-axis robots, variable T dies, high-speed conveyors, bookbinders, molding equipment, and constant-volume guns
Testing equipment Bookbinding adhesion testers, flex testers, equipment inside pressure gauges, open time testers, and various environmental testers

Examples of Verification Cases

Examples of Verification Cases
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