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Hot melt Product Information

Electric appliances

Hot melt adhesives are used for a wide range of electric appliances such as refrigerators, washing machines, dishwasher-dryer machines and air-conditioners. They are used as adhesives, sealing agents and adhesives to be used temporarily until the products move on to the next process step.
Hot melt adhesives are also used as the insulation seals for electronic parts.
In some cases, hot melt adhesives are required to meet the requirements of preventing odor from permeating them, having food sanitation properties, and having heat radiation characteristics, vibration resistance and vibration control properties.
Asahi Chemical Synthetic Co. has been highly evaluated because we have been developing products on a customized basis and responding to customers requests to meet customers’ needs. Our Asahi Tack has received favorable acceptance from many customers, both at home and abroad, in the field of electric appliances.

Product Characteristics
Asahi Tack AR Series For electric alliance applications
Asahi Melt TC Series Hot-melt-type thermal conductive sealing agents

Classifications of Hot Melt Applications

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