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Hot Melt System Sales

Hot Melt System Sales system

figure:Hot Melt System Sales method

Under our Hot Melt System Sales system, we make a comprehensive plan for the adhesives, application method, applicator, varied automatic equipment and other items that are optimum for customers and make a proposal and delivery on a package basis. This makes it possible to centralize the management of the cost and products and clarify where responsibility lies, enabling the customers to take quick actions when any trouble occurs.

An all-around consultant for adhesives who creates an optimum bonding method in coordination with customers

An adhesive manufacturer that can provide
the adhesives needed by customers

Asahi Chemical Synthetic Co. meets the needs of customers with its all-inclusive product lineup based on the adhesive know-how that has been developed by it over more than a half century since its foundation.

Best partner for adhesives that
creates an optimum bonding method

Asahi Chemical Synthetic Co. translates customers’ desires into product attributes. Asahi Chemical Synthetic Co. proposes the best solutions for adhesives at all times, including development, design and production lines covering adhesives and bonding line equipment.
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