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Quality, Environment and CSR

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Quality Policy

We supply the hot melt products and system equipment that meet the requirements of customers and have a quality management system to improve customer satisfaction. Recognizing the importance of continuous improvement, we have established the following quality policy:

  1. We will comply with all laws and regulations relating to quality in our business activities.
  2. We will maintain appropriate communication with customers and reflect the desires of customers on the development of products.
  3. We will gain the confidence of customers and improve customer satisfaction by providing products of stable quality and strictly keeping delivery date.
  4. We will continue to improve our quality management system so that it may remain effective.
  5. We will set quality targets and periodically review them to make continuous improvement in it.

We have obtained a ISO 9001 (2008 edition) certification as of July 2, 2012.

Environmental Policy

We are committed to environmental preservation in all of the aspects of our operations from the development of products to their disposal. We will carry out business operations in harmony with the global environment, aiming at sustainable growth of an environment-friendly society.

  1. We will observe all laws, regulations, rules and spirit concerning the environment, and each one of our employees recognizes the importance of this point.
  2. We will give high priority to environmental preservation, the safety and health of our employees and people in the community surrounding each of our places of business and pursue safe operations in the course of business.
  3. We will set environmental targets and strive to achieve them and make improvements continually.
  4. We will pursue the reduction of the loads on the environment and the saving of resources and energy in conducting the activities of business.
  5. We will pursue the prevention of environmental pollution that may caused in the course of carrying out business operations.
  6. We will carry forward the development of products and processes that take the environment into consideration.
  7. We will take account of the effects of the products and raw and other materials handled by us on the environment and health and carry out investigation and research in these areas.
  8. We will continue to give training in environmental preservation to our employees.
  9. We will pay close attention to the concerns of the administrative authorities and the community about our products and business activity and make efforts to deepen communication with them to deepen their confidence in us.
  10. Recognizing the importance of biodiversity, we will make efforts to reduce the effects on biodiversity in carrying out our business operations.


All the officers and employees of Asahi Chemical Synthetic Co. will act as stated below for the continued sustainable growth of society and the corporation through the manufacture of goods:

  1. We will comply with laws, regulations and rules, act sensibly in engaging in fair competitions and transactions to live up to the confidence of society.
  2. We will supply better products and services, taking account of safety, quality, reliability and the environment, to gain the confidence of customers and increase their satisfaction.
  3. We will take account of the environment throughout the entire process of our business operations from product development to disposal.
  4. We as a member of the community will carry out safe manufacturing operations and strive to maintain communication with the community to contribute to the community.
  5. We will disclose appropriate information on our company, products and services timely and ensure the security of any information in our possession.
  6. We will improve our environment so that our employees will be able to demonstrate their ability and energy to further strengthen our corporate structure that will enable them to create new value.
  7. We will respect the human rights of our employees, prohibit forced labor or child labor, and ensure that there will be no discrimination or harassment in our working environment.
  8. With a wide range of products and trough the development of hot melt systems, we will strive every day with all the parties in the broad range of industries to be a company that make a contribution to society.

Environmental Life Cycle Assessment

60th business year (Aug. ’17 ? Jul. ’18)

Tochigi Plant life cycle

Power: 1.93 GWh
Fuel: 212 KL
Water resource
Ground water: 15,516 m³
Discharge to the atmosphere
CO2 1,488t
Waste water
Industrial wastes
General wastes: 19 t

Industrial wastes: 170 t

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